May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be liberated.
May all beings realize their essence and live this fully, completely and utterly!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blingless in Chicago! ~ A New Earth ~ Week 3

Yet another wave of deep gratitude and awe is moving through here... touching this heart deeply...

WOW! What a meeting! As Oprah said, "This is deep." ! Yup. It is.

While the content of this week's class was profound ~ some of the most profound teaching ever with the breadth and depth of the topics covered ~ the essence was truly sublime.

It's as if the covers are being pulled away from everything that was sleeping in humans and is being awakened ~ gently and strongly. The darkness is being touched by the light of consciousness.

Eckhart said that his aspiration when he was young was to become a great professor. Well, it seems that this goal has come to pass! With several millions "students" and counting... And not a professor of knowledge, but one of wisdom. Not one who adds content to the mind, but the one who removes it ~ gives nothing ~ the no-thingness. He "teaches" by example, by being.

Unprecedented. Yes, indeed! All of it.

How absolutely exquisite to begin this class, as with last week's class, with ten seconds of silence together. Being together. Honoring the sacredness of who we are. Right after that Oprah said that she loved that we were all literally on the same page together. Yes, this pageless page! What a beautiful pointer, bringing silence (outward & inward) to the beginning of a meeting.

I'm sure that this class offered something for everyone. Everything from hurt feelings, complaining, worry, overeating, taking responsibility for one's own state of consciousness, nonreactivity to the ego in someone else, the death of the body... all showed up. I know that something in everyone awoke, even if it just opened its sleepy eyes for a moment...

Can I prove this? No.

And yet, there is a knowing.

The unfathomably deep alive stillness of being was (and still is!) profound.

These highlights touched deeply here ~

The human ego has fulfilled its purpose ~ it has taken us to the point of awakening.

Yes! Thank you, ego! Job well done!

When you see a dead body (when you witness death in any form) ~ realize that the form is here, but the essence of that being is not present. So the essence of their being was never the form. The essence of that being inhabited the form, and now it no longer inhabits the form. That which was the life inside that form was always invisible.

This realization brought a realization here, inside ~ to use this current popular phrase, it brought an "aha moment".

The greatest gift you can give to somebody ~ Can you bring Presence? Can you be present with them? Can you give them space to be?

How beautiful to be the one witnessing this gift "giving". Which isn't really a giving, it's simply being, being the gift ~ being the space.

Our ultimate purpose is to bring this Presence into the world.

What an amazing mission this is! It seems that as we ourselves become free of ego, which is to no longer be identified with the thought processes, we simply are here as this witnessing Presence of the remaining human ego in the world. Being the Presence which recognizes ego in those around us and doesn't mind, doesn't react. In fact, just the opposite ~ loves it for what it is and the purpose it serves. There is no longer any confusion about who that person is. They aren't that temporary form called ego. They are the space of pure Presence ~ the same Presence that is witnessing itself in the "other".

What a great blessing to be here!

A deep bow of gratitude to one & all.

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