May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be liberated.
May all beings realize their essence and live this fully, completely and utterly!

Monday, June 11, 2007


These are the lyrics from one of my favorites songs ~
thank you dear Tani for this beauty that you are!

photo by: Johan Rehn


In the gift of this life

That's given to you

What does your life speak, is it true?

'Cause in the poetry of space and time

You are the words, the rhythm

and this rhyme

Just one kiss is all it takes

And all is new

From no vantage point but seeing, what's the view?

To soar with birds upon the open wind

To see that here and now, life begins

Ten thousand suns were lit

By just one YES

It paved the path for more to be blessed

Blessed with a life set free

Blessed with the eyes that truly see

That's why...

Every prayer flag in the wind

Flies for...


~ Tani ~

all in the name of THIS

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