May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings be free of suffering.
May all beings be liberated.
May all beings realize their essence and live this fully, completely and utterly!

Monday, February 7, 2011

ask the One

It was a weekend of beauty, bliss and bounty. Satsang with Pamela... aaaahhhhh! 

Whether you attended this particular weekend, or any other weekend of satsang, you know that we honoured the divine in everything! Everything that arose, everything that sat on the throne of the heart (one of Papaji's precious pointers!) was deeply and thoroughly and graciously honoured. We bowed to what is apparently outward and to what is apparently inward. Bowing, bowing, bowing. Thanking, thanking, thanking. Loving, loving, loving. 

At some point, I heard the voice of the One speaking that it is time now to honour the wisdom that also arises through this particular expression of itself. Honour what comes through the One called 'Moni'. There was an inkling of something prior to the weekend, a hint of a shift that was about to happen. During the weekend it became very clear and obvious. So, this wisdom will be honoured by being written here on this blog. We'll see how it unfolds and what unfolds, naturally and organically. Already there's joy! (A little green hummingbird just whizzed past the window! That's a YES! from the Universe!)

Deep gratitude to all the teachers and teachings that are so loved and adored. 

A new step... here goes!

Ask the One inside to teach you everything you need to know.



  1. yes!

    oh...divine ONE...YES!


  2. Thank you, dear Carmy! ♥

  3. Thank you, Moni. Yes! :o) Look forward to meeting with you.

  4. You're welcome, Amy ♥

    I look forward to meeting, too!